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Every 69 seconds, someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease, and by mid-century someone will develop Alzheimer’s every 33 seconds. For more information about the Alzheimer’s Association, visit


Live Alone with Alzheimer’s Disease

Over 800,000 Americans managing money, shopping, traveling in the community alone. Housekeeping, preparing meals, taking medications correctly the difficulty completing familiar tacks confusion with time or place. Tend to wander or become lost mismanagement susceptibility to scams and fraud.

Women are more likely than Men are to Develop Disease

Mild cognitive impairment
People who have mild cognitive impairment have memory problems that are worse than what might be expected for people of their age, yet not bad enough to be classified as dementia. Many of those who have this condition go on to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

The same factors that put you at risk of heart disease may also increase the likelihood that you’ll develop Alzheimer’s disease. Examples include:

* High blood pressure
* High cholesterol
* Poorly controlled diabetes

And keeping your body fit isn’t your only concern — you’ve got to exercise your mind as well. Some studies have suggested that remaining mentally active throughout your life, especially in your later years, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.